Tokyo Wide Pass – Where to go? Part III : Saku-Daira

This is the final post on hiking possibilities on the Nagano shinkansen line using the pass. The next stop after Karuizawa is the much smaller and less touristic town of Saku-daira. The main reason to come here is to catch a bus for Mt Asama which in addition to the main volcanic cone has a number of minor peaks stretching west.

Yunodaira Kogen nestled between Mt Asama and Mt Kurofu

Takamine Highland

A one-hour bus ride will get you to Takamine Kougen 高峰高原 at 1973m. There is a hotel, a hot spring open for day visitors and also a ski resort open in the winter. The bus runs year round. There are 3 hikes you can do from Takamine:

  • Mt Asamayama 浅間山 2568m, hundred famous mountain

Even though you can’t go right up to the crater because of the recent increase in volcanic activity, the views from the top area are beautiful in clear weather. An alternative way back is through Tengu onsen and get the bus back to Saku-daira lower down the mountain.

  • Mt Kurofuyama 黒斑山 2404m

This is a difficult but exciting loop hike along an outer crater rim, with great views of the volcanic peak and back through the hidden valley of Yunodaira Kogen 湯の平高原, between the crater and the slopes of Mt Asama. The climb back up the rim is steep and tough.  

  • Mt Kagonoto 篭ノ登山 2227m Mt Miharashi 見晴岳 2095m

These small peaks make for relatively easy high-altitude hiking through some beautiful nature and are also a chance to see the elusive Kamoshika or Japanese serow. The return to Takamine is along a slightly sloping dirt road along the base of Mt Kagonoto. You could also start or finish in Yunomaru (see below) depending on the season and bus times.


Yunomaru Highland

A second bus, also taking one hour, will take you to Yunomaru Kougen 湯の丸高原 1732m on the western edge of the Mt Asama range. The bus only runs weekends and holidays from June to August. If you are a member of Times car sharing, they have 2 cars at Saku-Daira station which is handy for driving up there during the low season. So far I’ve only done one hike but hope to return in the future to hike the other small peaks in the area:

  • Mt Yunomaru 湯の丸山 2101m Mt Eboshi 烏帽子山 2066m.

This a relatively easy hike with fantastic views of the North Alps to the west , Mt Azumaya and Kusatsu-Shirane to the north and Mt Fuji to the South. 

North Alps panorama from the top of Mt Yunomaru

Beyond Saku-daira

Although Mt Asama has the potential to keep the average hiker busy, for those who want more, there are some additional options although the high travel time make them less attractive. I’ve listed them below but I haven’t tried any of these yet:

  • Kirigamine 霧ヶ峰 / Kurumayama 車山 1925m, hundred famous mountain

In theory it’s possible to get there by bus from Saku-daira, using Chikuma bus 千曲 but it requires a couple of transfers. Alternatively you could use Times car sharing and drive there in an hour. This is the northern part of the Yatsugatake range near lake Suwa.

  • Mt Ogura 御座山 2112m, two hundred famous mountain

The pass also includes the Koumi line 小海線 which connects Saku-daira with Kobuchizawa on the Chuo line. From Koumi station (50 min), a couple of buses (total travel time 30 min) will get you to the start of the trail. There seems to be another bus back on the other side.

  • Mt Arafune 荒船山1422m, 200 famous mountain

Getting off at Nakagomi 中込 station, only 14 minutes away, a 30-minute Chikuma bus can get you close to Mt Arafune and some other mountains in the area. Access from Shimonita may be easier though.

  • Mt Azumayasan 四阿山 2354m, hundred famous mountain

Here you’d have to pay extra to continue one stop further on the shinkansen line, to Ueda and from there take a  bus to the start of the trail. Using the local train takes too long.

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