Mt Omine (1915m) & Mt Odaigahara (1695m), Nara & Mie Prefectures, October 2014 [Map Available]

Hiking the hundred famous mountains of Japan 日本百名山

Hiking in the Yoshino Kumano National Park 吉野熊野国立公園

大峰山(おおみねさん omine-san)八経ヶ岳 (はっきょうがたけ hakkyou-dake)

大台ヶ原山(おおだいがはらやま odaigahara-yama

Download a map of the Mt Odaigahara hike

This map was developed for Japanwilds with the Hokkaido Cartographer

Find more Japan hiking maps on Avenza

Dusk on Mt Omine

Walking down from Mt Hide, the highest point of Odaigahara

See the views from the observation platform on top of Mt Hide

Hiking Mt Odaigahara (slideshow)

Sunset from near the summit of Mt Kyo, on Omine-san

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