Mt Kita (3193m), Mt Aino (3189m), Mt Notori (3026m) & Mt Shiomi (3047m), Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka Prefectures, September 2010 [Map Available]

Mt Kita seen from Mt Kaikoma

Hiking the hundred famous mountains of Japan 日本百名山

Hiking in the Minami Alps National Park 南アルプス国立公園

北岳 (きただけ kitadake)

間ノ岳 (あいのだけ ainodake)

農鳥岳 (のうとりだけ noutoridake)

塩見岳 (しおみだけ shiomidake)

Download a map of the Mt Kita hike

This map was developed for Japanwilds with the Hokkaido Cartographer

Find more Japan hiking maps on Avenza

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