The River Museum, Yorii Town, Saitama Prefecture

This is a short blog post to draw attention to the River museum 川博物館 that is located near Yorii station 寄居 (1h40 min from Ikebukuro by train) on the Arakawa river.  It’s a must-visit for Japanese mountain fanatics! There are 2 main reasons to visit.

First it has a pretty good 4D movie of the Arakawa river, from its source in the heart of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai national park to the sea. You have to put on a pair of 3D glasses and buckle up in your seat because there is some shaking involved.

Second there is a mind-blowing replica of the Arakawa river with the surrounding mountains (Mt Kobushi, Mt Sanpo, Mt Buko…) just outside the main museum building. Anyone who likes to understand the layout of an area like like myself, this is a truly an amazing piece of work.

The website is:


Chichibusakura lake with Mt Buko and Mt Omochi on the left
View from the highest point of Saitama, Mt Sanpo
Nagatoro, where Chichibu starts
The area surrounding Chichibu city


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