Purpose of this blog

I am an avid hiker. Maybe its because when I was a child my parents used to drag me and my brother on long tiring walks in the mountains most weekends. Or maybe I am seduced by the beautiful and complex shapes of mountains and the awe-inspiring vistas from their summits. Or maybe I am just a sucker for physical punishment and get off on pushing my body and my mind to its limits. Whatever the reason, I really enjoy walking up mountains and not just the famous ones. There are literally dozens of greats climbs within reach of Tokyo and, by steering clear of the aforementioned famous ones, you will not have to share them with half the population of Tokyo. The purpose of this blog is to document some of these hikes.

6 thoughts on “Purpose of this blog”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Cory. I love hiking as well. I live in Taiwan. I will be coming to Japan for a few days in December. I would like to ask you:
    In your opinion, what is the best winter, one day hike near or around Tokyo?
    I don’t know if I can take crampons, or if I would need them, but, would it be possible to rent crampons, and if so, where?

    If you ever want to do a hike in Taiwan, consider yourself welcome. Mi casa es su casa.

    1. Hi Cory, I stopped updating the blog for a while and thus didn’t see your comment. That’s a difficult question to answer and it really depends on what you’d consider to be a great hike. If I had take a group of people visiting around that time I’d probably go to Mt Tsukuba 筑波 since it has fairly easy access, a nice cedar forest, interesting rock formations, fantastic views at the top and some hot springs at the bottom. However I’d avoid the weekend since you may end up in a human traffic jam just before the summit. No crampons needed.

      Actually I was in Taiwan last year for a week – I had no idea Taiwan had so many high mountains!

  2. This blog is an IMMENSELY helpful resource. Especially for a foreigner. Your detailed descriptions of trail heads and directions are the difference between a fantastic hike and stumbling around lost. I’ve climbed Mt Fuji twice, and am back in Tokyo looking to do a few training hikes before heading up again for a second snow ascent. These hikes and descriptions you’ve uploaded here are going to help to no end. Thanks, and hope you’re still getting out there, four years on.

    1. Hi Greg, Thank you very much for your comment. In fact I’ve been hiking more than ever which is one reason I’ve stopped updating the blog – too many hikes too add! however I’ve decided to update again but with a somewhat different approach.

      1. Hi Vitellus

        Thank you for your reply. If you’re ever thinking of heading out with somebody, I’d be keen to join you. I’ve found a few hiking clubs online, but I’m not really keen on hiking with groups. But sometimes it’s more fun to hike with someone else. Especially on the bigger or overnight hikes.
        If you prefer to go it alone, I completely understand that too.

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