Mt Nokogiri (329m), Kyonan Town, Chiba Prefecture

Mt Nokogiri (鋸山 のこぎりやま nokogiriyama), literally “Saw Mountain”, due to its jagged summit, is a popular sightseeing spot situated on the Tokyo side of the Boso peninsula. In the Edo period, it used to be a quarry, which explains its smooth cliffs below the top ridge. It can be reached from Hama-Kanaya station on the Sazanami limited express (about 2 hours from Shinjuku), or by using the Tokyo Bay ferry from Kurihama on the Miura peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture (40 minutes each way).

View south of Minami-Boso from the top of the ropeway

View of the Kanaya ferry port

Most visitors prefer to take the Nokogiriyama ropeway up, and then make the roundtrip along the ridgeline to the observatory at Jigoku Nozomi (地獄のぞみ), meaning ” A peak into hell”, a ledge of rock overhanging a cliff. Looking west, one can gaze upon Tokyo bay and Mt Fuji in the distance. Although an entrance fee is required, it also gives access to Nihon-ji temple (日本寺) and the Nihon-ji Daibustu (日本寺大仏), both worthwhile sights on the south side of the mountain.

A peak into hell, the highlight of a visit to Mt Nokogiri

For those wanting more exercice, it’s possible to walk down to the base of the ropeway on the north side via the Kangetsudai trail (観月台コース), also part of the Kanto Fureai no Michi. On the way, you’ll pass by the impressive Haykushaku-Kannon (百尺観音), carved into the cliffside. For a longer hike, it’s possible to start from Hota station and approach via the Ura-Nokogiri trail (裏鋸コース, the Nokogiri back trail), leading around the back of the mountain and over its highest point. Whichever option you choose, Mt Nokogiri makes a fun and interesting daytrip from Tokyo.

Kannon carved into the cliffside

See the views of Mt Nokogiri

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